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especially the furniture industry and handicrafts
Industry Minister Saleh Husin optimistic export furniture will reach 5 billion u.s. dollars or about Rp67,5 trillion in five years.

"This is because we have the advantage of natural imported indonesian furniture raw material resources are abundant, sustainable and supported by a diversity of style and design that is characteristic of the local," said Saleh Husin while inaugurating the opening of the exhibition the Perfect Home Interior Decor 2015 in Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta, Wednesday (18 November 2015).

Menperin pun said the implementation of the Asean Economic Community (AEC) by the end of 2015 can become opportunities for industry in the country especially the furniture industry and handicrafts.

To that end, the Government is encouraging the increased competitiveness of the industry through several hilirisasi programs as mandated in the Act No. 3 2014 about Industry.

Penetrating the European market is a strategy Nayati to penetrate world markets. Europe is becoming the key to get into other countries in any parts of the world. When a product could be accepted in continental blue, certainly will easily penetrate consumers international. "Europe has indeed become a barometer of the world for the quality," said born August 24, 1952.

Long before entering the European market, Thendy actually is already exporting its products to Japan, which is also equally apply high standards to a kitchen equipment products. However, the product is sent to Sakura, do not include the brands Nayati. "Were just so manufacturers, buyers in Japan are nempeli brand," he said.

To get into Japan needed a long process. He had to convince the buyer that the quality standards of Nayati can be accounted for. For more convincing, he invites customers from Japan to see directly the production process in Semarang.

As a result, demand continues to rise. The original production imported indonesian furniture at the factory covering an area of 500 m2 in the Industrial environment is no longer adequate. Since 1991, the production process was moved to a new factory in the industrial area of 5000 m2 Terboyo with number of employees 600 people.

According to Thendy, a comparison of local and export market is 50:50. Export value Nayati annually an average of US $ 10 million. Some of the products that became the pre-eminent among others, Nayati Western Oriental Cooking, Cooking, ovens, foods counter, refrigerator, dishwasher, furniture, gourmet kitchen exhausts & block, kitchen and home.
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