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Menu is the most sought fried rice
If you visit the area Ungaran do not forget to stop eating place "Soto Pak Keri". It is located on Jalan Diponegoro 197, Ungaran. This soup is served on a small bowl of rice, add broth and beef, celery, sprouts and a sprinkling of fried garlic. Here also provided fried intestines, tripe, lungs, fritters and fried marrow that will add delicious if we mix with a bowl of soup. If you want to try the fried marrow, we have come a little early so as not to run out.

These shops began to open 7 am to 8 pm. In addition to soup, this shop also provides beef satay and fierce tamarind. Not infrequently the Semarang far to come here just to buy a ferocious asemnya. He said fierce here savory taste sour, tamarind and fresh.

On the way from the city of Magelang Getuk heading to Semarang, will pass Ungaran. In the area there are shops Ungaran most famous satay called "Sate Pak twanging sound". Pioneering this sate is namaasli Pak Pak Sakiminyang a twanging sound, he first satenya peddle around the village to be hand carried. Then after Mr. Sakimin died satay business was continued by his son.
During this time the sate of the most frequently encountered are from chicken or goat. But in this twanging sound pack tavern satay, satay made from beef. The flesh is cut larger than most pieces of satay in general. It was sweet, savory and tender meat. In addition to all the skewers of meat, there are also mixed with fat, lungs, intestines, tripe and koyor (veins). But we can also choose their own mix satenya. Separately presented with a bowl of peanut sauce and sliced ​​onions plus abundant cayenne pepper. For companion, you can choose with rice or rice cake.

Along the way there are some Semarang-Ungaran beef satay stalls using the name "Sate Pak twanging sound" too. But according to information, the most original shops most crowded tavern. Nevertheless some of the store is also a relative of the pack twanging sound.

fried rice name is already familiar in Ungaran region, in addition to the proximity to the town square. This fried rice also has been sold since 1968 by a pioneering, Bu Djaikem. The layout of these stalls on the street Kaligarang, square Ungaran. However, since 2004 has opened shop also makanyang bigger and also quite spacious parking area, located not far from the shop in the town square. The food stalls with a capacity of about 20 people and is very simple.

Menu is the most sought fried rice iso tripe (intestines), which was served on a plate covered with banana leaves. In addition to varying the look and absorb the oil, banana leaf also gives a unique aroma of fried rice. How to cook fried rice is still very typical Java, namely using a charcoal brazier. There was also a chicken fried rice, fried rice mix (chicken, tripe, cow intestine), tripe gongso (stir-fried) and chicken gongso. As another variation, here also provided the fried rice and noodles gongso goat. Although it has opened a new branch wider, but most of the customers still come to shop in the square. We could begin to come to this shop starting from 3 pm until 12 o'clock at night.
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