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Sate Kambing
Sate Kambing mBok Galak located at Jalan Mangun Sarkoro number 122 Solo, Central Java. There are 4 menu mainstay is in the food stalls, of course, his own goat satay, satay wrapping, tongseng and tengklek. Less complete it if you are on vacation to the city of Solo without tasting the culinary Sate Kambing mBok Galak, satay stall has become one of the favorite dining spot for travelers, even the officials - officials every day to come here. These stalls have been established since 1982 and until now it has 10 employees, including two children. Satay is a favorite food menu Soeharto, Indonesia's second president when visiting ndalem Kalitan, Soeharto often ordered satay stall Sate Kambing mBok Galak.
This culinary areas have a special way in the presentation, and the presentation of the food stall-many pemasakanya using skewers, but in the food stall fierce mbok not use it. You can enjoy this lamb satay directly in a serving dish without tusuknya, equipped with cabbage, lime and spices and broth satenya thick and pungent smell. The meat is tender and soft make satay and marinade to seep into the meat. For those of you food lovers, this is a place that must be visited.
Besides satay menu, you can also enjoy satay wrapping, tongseng, and tengklek. Tongseng itself a slice of goat meat is sliced ​​in big red, although the meat slices like it but it was still delicious. While tengklek is a mixture of all parts of the goat, ranging from brain and other parts, it is recommended for those who have high blood pressure for not selecting this menu, but for those who want to try, can enjoy direct kelezatanya stall Sate Kambing mBok Galak.
Additionally, you can also enjoy other culinary in Solo such as satay and nasi liwet tambaksegaran Wongso Lemu interesting to taste, and of course, do not you miss the pancake Notosuman to be used as gifts for the family at home.

If you Yogya feels weird if you do not taste the cuisine called warm. Food with a sweet taste with raw materials in the form of young jackfruit be unique culinary student city. Not surprisingly, every diner in Yogya moreover located around Malioboro certainly provide this menu.
Young jackfruit is often called gori cooked with coconut milk spiced up several hours until it reaches maturity and sweetness desired. Lauk supporter of this cuisine there are some such as boiled eggs, tofu, tempeh or chicken cooked coconut milk or referred areh wear. For those who love the spicy flavor just add sambal goreng with krecek or cowhide.
GudegDari terms of presentation and cooking, warm has two types namely warm dry and wet. Warm wet served with coconut milk. While the dry warm longer boiling process so that the liquid to dry and the color is brown. Gudeg is more durable and is often used as souvenirs. Packaging form of the boxes baskets made of woven bamboo, but there is also a form kendil (a kind of small pot of clay).

Gudeg can be encountered everywhere in town Yogakarta, but there are two centers of gudeg always be in full swing culinary connoisseurs. Namely gudeg Barek at Jl. Kaliurang Km. Gudeg, Wijilan, Barek4,5, north ditch Mataram. Second, is the Wijilan area located to the east of Yogyakarta Palace Square, or rather in the south Plengkung Wijilan.
To enjoy the warm Yogya You do not need to worry about time, because the seller gudeg selling from morning until midnight. For breakfast we can get to the seller in traditional markets or region Barek. At lunch a few stalls remained open. Seller gudeg in Wijilah also open from morning to night. If you are intending to enjoy a dinner dish, we can also buy it at lesehan along Maliobro or at Jl. Adisucipto.

Seller average GudegHarga this menu ranging from Rp. 7000 up to Rp. 35,000 depending on the requested side dishes such as eggs, chicken, tofu and tempeh. While one kendil baskets or you can get a price in the range of Rp. 50,000 and Rp. 200,000. Besides gudeg there are many souvenirs you can take home as bakpia Pathuk.
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