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Visit Singapore
Of Merlion, we headed tempata second no less exciting for CULINARY TOUR and SHOPPING .. precisely in the area of ​​Orchard .. :)

ORCHARD ROAD - center BRANDED SHOPPING goods. I need to infokan to friends are, when booking a return ticket, try to have one LUGGAGE yaaaa ... because some LOTION, PARFUME purchased can not get into the cabin .. my dear if only discarded when going into the fuselage .. rules FLUID its way into the cabin please note yaaa ... Booking air asia LUGGAGE pass when booking tickets and gentlemen ONLINE
 in Orchard Road, can exchange money also lhoo COURTnya FOOD .. then there is on the bottom floor, there is also the place to buy souvenirs him along Orchard ... mama and my papa wrote clever lhooo, shopping sendiriiii, ngomongnya Indonesian-made mixture mix and use body language ala Ma-Ma (read: sign language) .. seneeennggg bangetttt for love vacation opportunity for angel and vidyadhara uss .. Oh yes, in the orchard Road can be purchased: Displays ala Singapore (Merlion), Brown Merlion image and Shawl ...

 The next place was about shopping jugaaaa .. Souvenir keychains here specialist CHEAP ... but do kesenengan because of cost, to forget the trunk yaaaaaa ...

CHINA TOWN. Chinatown in Singapore that is near the MRT station, here there is MC Donald and no ice pieces that tastes Singapore enakkk use bread ... Shopping here ranging from KAOS, shirt ala Singapore Airlines flight attendant, until keychain ... and the shopping paradise heaven's eyes

 Bugis Street. Well, if you still want the streets in shopping centers souvenirs and culinary HALAL, please go to Bugis Street Food Court .. at the rear of the entrance to the Bugis Street is in my photo below, promising food was AWFUL and HALAL ..

 It was all the places that CAN be used as a reference shop for souvenirs in Singapore yaaa ... Continue yuk, nyebrang to SENTOSA ISLAND ... here could be a day of its own, so to Singapore 4 days 3 nights  4D3N so that the body does not terforsir road and they can relax to enjoy net singapore ....

SENTOSA ISLAND. Imagine entrance MALL, then at least it could EAT floor first at Food Republic. Sentosa Island is there are three places that segregated according stasiunnya .. There UNIVERSAL STUDIO (USS), there Imbiah with giant Merlion and last SONG OF THE SEA at night .... Serunyaaaa one day, breakfast at Food Republic, then lunch at the Malaysian Food, then dinner while return an evening stroll at the malls singapore ...

 it's at the top, it's really yaaaa plasticity stops at every station we could find any of what ajaaa ... Alhamdulillaaahh watch Song of the Sea was seruuuuuu, seneeeenngggg, baguuusss bangeettttt ... MANDATORY yaaa who take small children or the elderly ...

 Returning from Sentosa Island, we can rest .. and packing-packing, which would fly back to Indonesia ... Oh iyaaa paginyaaaa morning, when we were a group with MM UII, we nginap in Little Grand C, Little India area. And very happy because MUSTAFA MALL side of the hotel is open 24 hours ... SERUUUU !!!

 For us, seeing parts of the earth is a part of our gratitude ... When the streets diplanning time, planned its budget, prepared his health, in sha Allah fun traveled and KULINERnyaaa ... Congratulations traveled yaaaa semuaaa ....
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