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Gubug Spot Restaurant
Perhaps you've often mememui Gubug Spot Restaurant Mang Engking in town, and even may have often tasted culinary in that place. If you're around Semarang, Salatiga, try stopping by mistake one branch Gubug Spot Restaurant Mang Engking located in Ungaran, you certainly will never forget the experience there.

While in front of Gubug Spot Restaurant Mang Engking Ungaran, maybe you'll think this restaurant is a place that presents atmosphere of the past because of the building of the European architecture of Ancient. Try to get in and surely you will be shocked to see what is behind these ancient buildings

Gubug Spot Restaurant Mang Engking Ungaran own backyard 1.7 hectares. The rear yard mememukan many huts you can eat standing around a large pool. Huts are roofed with palm leaves and the floor is made of wood that is the hallmark of Mang Engking huts. And that can make you spellbound is a sight that lay there. From these places, you can see a view of the mountain Ungaran. While enjoying the culinary Typical Gubug Mang Engking, you can also feel the freshness of the air coming from the fields located around the restaurant. ,

Mang Gubug Engking offer special menus Sunda with fresh ingredients. You can choose your own fish Gurame live, live shrimp, live crab and squid fresh to be processed.

Menu - the menu offered in Gubug Mang Engking among others Gurame Seasonings Cobek, Gurame Grill Ketchup, Gurame Fried Flying, jumbo shrimp fried, jumbo shrimp Bakar Honey, Shrimps standard Sauce Oysters, Fried Squid Flour, Squid Asam Manis, Crab Sauce Padang, Crab fried, Black Pepper Chicken, fried Chicken Serundeng, lemburi fried flour, sauteed kale, Karedok, Sprouts Salted Fish, Pencok beans, Tomato sauce, Sambal Terasi, Lalapan and Fresh Fruit

For drinks provided Es Cincau, various juices, Es Kelapa Muda, and coffee.

Mang Gubug Engking playground facilities for children, hotspot and prayer. There are unique in Mang Engking Shack Restaurants Ungaran, in this place there is a cage containing a pair of Bengal tigers.

Every city must have a marker that characterizes the city. Similarly, the city of Semarang. One place that will always appear in everyone's mind when talking about the capital of Central Java is certainly Simpang Lima. This place became the heart of Semarang, not solely because keramaiannya but because in this area the economic center of Semarang city at once the center of government and even the Municipality of Semarang Central Java province operates.

Naturally, if then Simpang Lima became the center of all the activities of the city of Semarang and Central Java in general population. As the heart of economic activity and political, of course Simpang Lima became a magnet for many people, do not miss the food vendors. This area has never deserted by the traders and buyers from sunrise until well after sunset. A wide variety of food on offer here, ranging from mild to severe food meals. Ranging from local cuisine to international cuisine. In fact, the seller was coming from across the region, not just the local residents of Semarang.

In the morning, you'll find vendors rice packets. When the sun starts to rise, you can begin to find the seller knows gimbal (typical food Semarang), meatballs and chicken noodles, rice Rames, and do not miss the ice-mix or ice jazzed. The peculiarities of ice mixed in Semarang is durian ice mixture. So, for those of you who are less like durian, you must notify the seller of ice not to include durian in your mixed ice.

As the day went in the evening, the place is more crowded with traders and hunters culinary cuisine culinary from various places. You can enjoy the typical fried Semarang, like Rolade and know petis course. For heavy meals, you can find a wide selection of pecel open from about 1700 until the early hours. There are many stalls that offer pecel Semarangan pecel the pedes sweet. In addition, of course, you can enjoy a variety of fried rice, ranging from egg fried rice, chicken fried rice, seafood fried rice, and a typical Semarang is fried rice tripe. These foods are always being hunted culinary connoisseurs from within the city and outside the city.
Not only that, for those who want to keep warm at night, you can enjoy the fragrance and the warmth of a typical round wedang Semarang that was not too spicy and not too sweet.

So many culinary offer provided Simpang Lima Semarang. Please come and choose your favorite cuisines.
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